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General Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction based on the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. All characters, locations, quotes, etc borrowed from the show belong strictly to the original creators and whomsoever holds the ultimate copyrights. There is no intention of copyright infringement or profit wherein this fan fiction is concerned. The remaining ideas, storyline, characters, etc are but a figment of my fevered mind and I will bear full responsibility for them.

Other Disclaimers:

Violence is inevitable and may even be overly graphic since a certain Warrior Princess is involved hence anyone who may be uncomfortable with such depictions are advised to avoid reading the stories.

The underlying theme for these stories is a loving consensual relationship between two adults of the same gender. There may also be scenes describing or hinting at sex between others of the same gender, different gender, different species, different tribes. Violent sex scenes may also make an appearance in these stories. Any person(s) uneasy with any of the sexual content above should leave this site now.

In the event that you are under the legal age wherever you may reside or it is illegal in your country to be exposed to any of the contents listed above, please do not proceed to read any of the stories herein.

Please note that I will not be responsible for any trauma resulting from a failure to heed any of my warnings above.


post-fin Fan Fiction

general xwp fan fiction

The direct aftermath of FIN.
A run-in with mythical creatures where Xena and Gabrielle discover that things are never as simple as they seem, especially where they are concerned.
- Posted Jun 2011

Following the events of Death Bonds, Xena and Gabrielle are back in Greece with a new friend. They pay the Amazons a visit to propose a new alliance but complications occur. An old friend from Xena's past makes an appearance and Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with their ever-evolving relationship.
- Posted Jan 2016

A short vignette set after the events of Second Chances. Gabrielle has a dream late one night.
- Posted Jul 2016

A poem by Gabrielle after the events of the Destiny. One shot.
- Posted Dec 2015